Features of FC2 Analyzer

Analyze the visitors to your blog or website!

Why settle with other companies which ask for huge advertising space on your page? Our tiny icon is hardly noticeable.
4-month-analysis and log download available!!You can even exclude your own IP from counts.

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Tiniest Banner Ever
Tiny banners which vanish in 8 seconds. These won't ruin the design or feel of your blog or website. Over 63 cute banners available.
Neat Management Page!
The useful Calendars & Menus help you to find what you want to see. The total number of accesses is presented in a graph, so you can make simple comparisons. It takes only a glance to grasp the access status. You will be able to understand visitors trends by examining which search keywords or links visitors are using.
Introduction of analytical items
  • Basic analysis
  • Time/day/month/access log & log search
  • search engine
  • search engine/search keyword
  • Entry Page (Linked from)
  • site/address
  • Exit Page (Linked to)
  • page
  • visitor's information
  • Visitor track/Host name/OS/Browser/Color settings/Resolution/Language/Country/Returning visitors
  • Settings
  • Social Analyzer settings/excluded IP addresses.
Only One Tag for Multiple Pages! Setup is Simple!
All you need to do is paste an analysis tag from the management page into an HTML file on your site. It will be applied to the other pages automatically. Setup is very simple.
Real-Time Analysis
The real-time analysis tells you access status of your site immediately.
No need to wait.
Click Analysis Available(Linked URL Analysis)
Click Analysis shows you the total number of clicks on each hyperlink of a page.
It tells you which link of your site is working effectively.
Exclude Your Own Accesses
Once you set your own IP address to be excluded, your own accesses will not be counted. This function is useful when you want to have credible access information.
4-Month-Long Analysis!
Past 4 month analysis can be viewed.
Up to 120 pages can be analyzed.
There is no access limit.

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