This is a glossary section to explain words used in FC2 Analyzer
If you still have further questions about the words, please refer to or others.

*Unique Access
Unique Access is a counter of the tolal number without counting duplicate access from the same IP address.
Unique Access is an ideal tool when you want to know how many others have viewed your website/blog.
It's also called "Unique Host Access".
The graph of the FC2 Analyzer is shown in pink.
*Total Access
It is synonymous to Page View(PV), Hits. Please refer to it when you wish to know the number of total access to your website/blog. This doesn't prevent duplicate counts, multiple accesses from the same visitor within a day.
In the FC2 Analyzer graph, it is shown in red.
*Access Log
Gathering of information about visitors who have accessed a web site.
Access log shows you how visitros accessed to your site in detail.
*IP (IP Address)
A particular number given to devices connected to a network or each computer.
Ex) "". Numbers from 1 to 255 are divided with dots(.) and four of them are set in line.
*Host Name
A name given to a device on a network. A computer identifies a device by IP address, but it is hard for us to handle IP address. Using host names makes set-up easier. Only alphanumeric letters are used.
*Linked from
Linked pages are shown by site.
It shows you where your visitors came from.
*Clicked on Link
A hyperlinked page which is recorded when you click on a linked page with an analysis HTML tag.
A visitor who accesses a page repeatedly. The same visitor's access will be counted as a return.
A computer language to show a page. And a tag is a group of codes or characters which contains various factors or effect. HTML tag for analysis is made by arranging HTML tag. «Examples of HTML tag»<html>。�lt;/html>����lt;body>。�lt;/body>����lt;a>。�lt;/a> and others
The whole programmed character string. An HTML tag for access analysis is pasted in source using text editor.
*Text Editor
Software to edit character strings used in programming or other things. It is useful for editing HTML to make a page.
Windows has "Notepad" and "TeraPad" and Mac has "mi". These are multifunctional freeware and can be obtained by searching with these keywords.
Basic software to operate a PC.
For example, Microsoft's Window, Apple's Mac OS, Linux and Unix. Some OS names are not indicated here.
Software for browsing websites.
Browsers have various functions and most of them are adapted to FC2 Analyzer. When FC2 Analyzer does not adjust to some functions, that browser's name will not be displayed.
An image displayed after placing an HTML tag for analysis.
Click here to change an icon.
Shows where a page exists on the Internet. It is also called e-mail address.
You need to enter a URL directly on a browser or click on the spot written in HTML to view a page.