Terms of Use

Users automatically agree to the terms of use when signing up for FC2 Analyzer.
Please read the following before sign-up.

Usage Range
·All registered users are permitted to use FC2 Analyzer under the following conditions.
Users are maintaining and managing their site that the users are properly managing their website.
·As long as users do not violate the terms of use.
·FC2 Analyzer can be used as a free service. A pay-for version is also available.
Liability Exemption
·FC2 has no obligation to store users' data and is not responsible for any data disappearing. FC2 may change, suspend or discontinue its services based on the administration's judgment without prior notice and is not responsible for the consequences caused by such actions.
·Please be reminded that FC2 takes no responsibility for any trouble you may experience during your use of this service.
·We may also change these terms of use. Please make sure that you read the terms of use before you actually use our service. If you remove an ad, FC2 will reserve the right to charge you for 0.1 yen per 1PV.
User Information
In order to improve services, FC2 reserves the right to use information acquired from FC2 Analyzer, while valuing users' and visitors' privacy.
·The following things are prohibited when using FC2 Analyzer.
·Use of FC2 Analyzer on illegal websites (under U.S. or Japanese law).
·Use of a modified FC2 Analyzer.
·Any use that creates problems for FC2.
·Hiding displays of FC2 Analyzer which are normally displayed on the screen or any equivalent conduct.
If any prohibited conduct is detected, the user's ID will be terminated without notice.
·In case FC2 suffers any loss caused by a user's conduct, FC2 will claim damages against the user.
·The laws of the state of Nevada will be applied to the Terms of use. All disputes and complaints during your use of FC2 services will be resolved by intercession of the state of Nevada. The disputes and complaints that cannot be resolved by intercession will be taken into court. In this case a district court in the state of Nevada will have the exclusive jurisdiction over the first trial. Attorneys' fees for intercession and litigation must be paid by the users.
·Even though some of the terms of use are voided and deemed to be impossible to be enforce by court, other terms will remain valid.